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How much does it cost?

Prices range from £80 to £110 per frame. Each design is unique so it depends on the amount of detailing and time required to complete the job. The price includes new grommet protectors for your racket.

How long does it take?

The process usually takes between a week to 10 days to complete once we've received the rackets. 

Does the paint affect the racket?

No, your racket will feel the same as it did. We first remove the old paint before reapplying the new paint which enables us to deliver your racket back within +/- 2g of it's original weight.

Can we copy designs from other brands? 

We're not able to directly copy designs from other brands with their logos and decals, however we can discuss similar options to help meet your design requirements.

Can you source new frames?

Yes, we offer the full package. We are able to acquire you new models of rackets at very competitive prices, paint them to your design and ship them all off to you. 

Are you able to send rackets globally? 

Yes, we are able to send rackets out all over the world. (Subject to shipping costs).


If you have any further questions please contact; info@unstrungcustoms.com